Asterisk* means song does not come with sheet music or the Word Notation.

Songs ranked by difficulty to play from level 1-5 (L-1) being the easiest (L-5) the hardest.

Level 1 & 2 Songs are Orange, Level 3 are Blue and Level 4 & 5 are Purple.

35th and Dearborn (L-2) Jimmy Yancey – Ethan Leinwand

After Hours (L-4) Avery Parrish – Taylor Streiff

Basin Street Blues* (L-4) Spencer Williams – Matt Peterson

Blues Etude (L-2) – Ethan Leinwand

Blues Song (L-3) – Taylor Streiff

Blow Wind Blow (L-4) Muddy Waters – Taylor Streiff

Boogie Woogie* (L-4) – Waz

Boogie Woogie Blues (L-3) Albert Ammons – Ethan Leinwand

Confessin’ the Blues* (L-4) Walter Brown & Jay Mc Shann – Matt Peterson

Cow Cow Boogie* (L-2) Don Raye – Waz

Cow Cow Blues* (L-5) Charles Davenport – Ethan Leinwand

Down by the River Side* (L-4) Spiritual – Matt Peterson

Etude Working in 6ths (L-2) – Ethan Leinwand

Everytime I Get to Drinking* (L-4) Sunnyland Slim – Taylor Streiff

Hallelujah I Love Here So* (L-5) Ray Charles – Matt Peterson

Head Rag Hop* (L-5) Romeo Nelson – Ethan Leinwand

Hesitation Blues* (L-4) Janis Joplin – Waz

How Long Blues (L-2) Leroy Carr – Ethan Leinwand

How Long Blues (L-2) Jimmy Yancey – Ethan Leinwand

Improv Yancey Left Hand (L-2) – Ethan Leinwand

Indiana Avenue Stomp* (L-4) Montana Taylor – Ethan Leinwand

Jimmy’s Stuff (L-3) Jimmy Yancey – Ethan Leinwand

Longhair‘s Rhumba* (L-4) Professor Longhair – Ethan Leinwand

Low Street Boogie (L-3) – Ethan Leinwand

Muskrat Ramble* (L-5) Kid Ory – Matt Peterson

New Orleans Blues* (L-5) Jelly Roll Morton – Matt Peterson

New Orleans Blues Exercise (L-3) – Ethan Leinwand

Nobody Knows You When Your Down and Out (L-3) Jimmy Cox – Matt Peterson

Old Louisiana Style Blues (L-2) Little Brother Montgomery – Ethan Leinwand

One Mint Julep* (L-4) Rudolph Toombs – Matt Peterson

Pratt City Blues* (L-5) Jabo Williams – Ethan Leinwand

Shout for Joy* (L-5) Albert Ammons – Matt Peterson

St. Louis Blues (L-3) Bessie Smith – Matt Peterson

St. Louis Style Blues (L-2) Henry Brown – Ethan Leinwand

State Street Special (L-3) Jimmy Yancey – Ethan Leinwand

Stormy Weather (L-3) Harold Arlen – Matt Peterson

Strided Country Blues Improv* (L-4) – Ethan Leinwand

Sweet Home Chicago* (L-4) Robert Johnson – Matt Peterson

Texas Boogie* (L-4) Dr. John – Matt Peterson

The 44’s* (L-4) Little Brother Montgomery – Ethan Leinwand

The Cows* (L-5) – Ethan Leinwand

The Fives* (L-4) George and Hersal Thomas – Ethan Leinwand

The Way It Is (L-4) Bruce Hornsby – Taylor Streiff

Tuxedo Junction* (L-4) Herschel Hawkins – Matt Peterson

Walkin’* (L-4) Fats Domino – Matt Peterson

West End Blues* (L-4) Louie Armstrong – Matt Peterson

When the Saints Go Marching In* (L-4) Spiritual – Matt Peterson