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Online blues keyboard lessons

The Very Best Piano Instruction specializes in online blues keyboard lessons.

Whether you want to learn piano fundamentals, go beyond the basics, or play your favorite pop-rock, blues, jazz, Christmas, classical, or other songs, this site is the way for you to achieve your online blues keyboard lessons goals.

This is the greatest way to learn to play over 600 songs and learn music theory with 50 available courses all streamed for your immediate viewing.

In addition to sheet music, we provide the notes written out in letter form copied onto a Microsoft Word Graph which was developed exclusively for this instructional series.

Some of our online blues keyboard lessons players include Ken Phelps, Norbert Wojcik, Matt Peterson, Andrew Blendermann, Darryl Armistead, Waz, Ehtan Leinwand, Taylor Streiff, Scott Grube, Dan Gillogly, and Kelly Brand.

The online blues keyboard lessons recordings were done in a studio specifically designed to enhance the sound of the piano, a turn of the century 6’ 4” refurbished Steinway with the original soundboard.

The Neumann U67 & M149 microphones over the strings are considered by many audio engineers one of the best to record piano. The Chandler Redd and Cactus Blue microphones recorded the vocals and room and using hardware equalizers, compressors and processors found in any professional recording studio we were able to produce a polished, enhanced, and rich audio track.

The video from the overhead shot came from a Sony F3 with an Arri 32 mm Master Prime Lens and the far shot was recorded with an Arri Alexa Studio Camera recorded with a Cooke 32 mm Panchro lens.

Because of the high-end recording equipment, the visible shadows when the player depresses the keys, the customized sheet music, the notes written out in letter form and the professionalism of the players we believe make this system the best way to learn online blues keyboard lessons.

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