Welcome to the site and thanks for visiting. In this video I’m going to talk about the benefits of learning piano by video, what’s offered on this site and why learning a musical instrument might be worthwhile. In the video to your left, you’ll find some tips on using the videos and how to download the sheet music and Word Notation that’s provided with most of the songs.

Why We’re Better

This piano video instruction site is going to teach you to play better than anything currently on the market. The reason for the popularity of video instruction over conventional methods of teaching are people can learn anytime, it’s cheaper and many times better, a lot of universities are filming their best professors, and especially in the case of learning a musical instrument, you can learn at your own speed with unlimited viewings.

The market is full of how to play piano sites but they don’t really work because it’s hard to make out what notes the fingers are depressing. By removing the fallboard, cutting away the top rail and side of the piano and shinning a light across the back of the keys you can see an accompanying shadow when a key is depressed, which is much easier to follow.

Another important thing we do is break a song down into easier to learn parts that can be played at four different speeds, one hundred, fifty, thirty and fifteen percent. For example, we might break a two-minute song into twelve parts, or more or less, depending on its complexity. Our system of learning is so effective in allowing one too learn more complicated songs, songs customers want to learn to play, rather than the most simple songs other sites are only capable of teaching. We read about a gentleman who expressed disappointment after searching the web for a program to teach him piano, saying the songs were too simple and uninspiring.

Another huge advantage our instructional program has over the competitions is we offer all types of music by filming player’s specific to a genre or style and having for sale something for everyone. Most other sites are limited by what the one player they have can play. This instructional series has hundreds of songs for sale that range from the simplest with a one note melody and bass line to the most complex which you can watch in the previews and determine if you can or want to learn to play it. We also have dozens of courses ranging from the most basic for beginners and children to complicated theory.

Learning to play by watching and imitating is a motivational and inspiring way to learn. Surprisingly you will develop your own interpretation of the song which will be gratifying. If you see a difference in video quality a couple of players were filmed with firstgeneration cameras, some second but most third.  

The Benefits

Learning to play piano can difficult but learning what to play can be even harder. For many pianists learning their instrument has been an undertaking. They’ve studied, possibly with instructors, learned notation and played from the page or learned to play by ear. Because of the difficulty and time required there aren’t as many musicians or piano players as could be and it leaves the enjoyment of playing this instrument to the few. Barrel House Chuck who passed away in December 2016, and who was considered one of the best Blues Pianists, learned to play by listening to records or picking up a riff here or there from other players. He said this when he saw our system “If I had this when I was learning to play, I would have been good in 3 years instead of 10.”

This system makes learning easier and faster so you won’t have to dedicate so much of your time and energy to learn songs. You could learn one, five, twenty or more songs. Memorize these songs and you will play them for life. Several of the courses will teach music theory so you can take a fake book, which has the simple melody line and bass, and know how to add your own harmony and embellishments getting a song to sound fuller and more pleasing.     


Some people, who must play, will learn to play no matter what it takes. Others, who might be on the fence let me say this. Learning an instrument teaches discipline, allows you to set and accomplish goals, relieves stress and allows you to express emotions nonverbally. Your friends and family will love to hear you play and you will have the time of your life playing both for others and yourself. For all the ways to spend your leisure time, and people are getting more of it, learning an instrument is an active activity while watching television or flicking thru social media are passive. Playing music actually stimulates the brain making you feel happy and occupied. Watch Ken Phelps preview of Wonderful Tonight where he talks about what playing has meant to him to hear what I just said from the horse’s mouth.

If you are looking for more motivation, go to Scott Houston’s site The Piano Guy. He’s had a national presence for many years, was one of the first to do this and has informercials so compelling and convincing we heard of someone buying his program but never bought the piano.


The reviews on the website have been very positive such as Cooper Walker saying “The Very Best Piano Instruction may well be the best piano instruction on the web”, Rue Lockman said she highly recommends this site for those interested in seriously pursuing musical composition as well as those who have a sparked interest and are learning for the first time. We have worked hard designing and building The Very Best Piano Instruction to make learning piano easier and appreciate the positive feedback. The players receive 25% of the sales and are grateful the website has caught on and a great help to all would-be players.

Werner Herzog, a famous film maker, said he would give up ten years of his life if he could play an instrument. He was talking about the ecstasy of playing and making a piece of music yours. Dan Gillogly in his course, says the world needs more music, more piano players and we think he’s right. We want to thank all the players who have come to the studio to record and participate in these instructional videos. We should all be thankful to them because showing non-players how to play is giving them a very precious gift.