Notes Written Out in Letter Form

In addition to sheet music, we provide the notes written out in letter form copied onto a Microsoft Word Graph which was developed exclusively for this instructional series. See an example of this below and download and print the octave graph to use as a reference. Having the music written out like this will open up an opportunity never before available for the novice to play songs that were accessible only to the experienced musician and sight-reader. Playing piano can be difficult but knowing what to play can be even harder and this notation should help.
The Word graph is made up of 4 rows and 20 columns and follows the section of song as played in the parts. The right hand is on the second row in black type and the left hand on the third row in blue type. What octave the note is played is written on the top row for the right hand and bottom row for the left both in green type. At the top of the page are the symbols for the rhythm where an underlined letter means the note is held longer and when shown red indicates the note is played faster. You can familiarize yourself with this notation by watching the video “How to Use the Word Notation” that can be found by going to the top menu on the home page and clicking videos or clicking: How to Use the Word Notation